The Risen…

The love will never fade  but she refused to let her emotions drawn back in his deep dimension. Her heart ❤beats for his will to accept her divine love but she limits herself of being patronize by his past infidelity. She wants to love him the way she refuses not to but her heart wants to give him back the privilege that defines her unconditional love. She never stopped loving him regardless of the pain she once felt and overcome. He knew that he made a mistake by letting her slip through the walls of his betrayal. He knew that he did her wrong and he is willing to make it right. 

She always wonder what the other woman had that she never had. But she never lost her faith because she knew that the bond they shared was unspeakable. They loved each other through the ruthless times but she was tired of fighting for someone who always gave up on her when he loose the battle of manipulation of lies.  He never seems to keep fighting for her so she had to stop fighting for hurt and disappointment and release herself . Now what?🤔

The only time he redeem his strength to fight is the realization of the cost of loosing one of  the most important person who contributes happiness to his life.

Notes   :  Never stop fighting for the ones you love and the ones who make you happy. Because sometimes its hard to reconcile and make amends. 


How did she knew this could have been her last calling? She smiled through enough of her pain , celebrating life and making the same old jokes. She taught me how to subject myself to independency. She told me never to use my womanhood to sabatoge my happiness. She told me to reject being abuse by a man domain to only let him have his pleasure. ‘Never be takenn for a fool ‘ she said. Beneath that ( I am OK) was tears, hurt and unbearable pain tearing through her flesh. The  scar of death covers her body, lifeless, she just wish she could move. 

Those soft cheeks laying still in that beautiful capacity of her own, unbothered but looking forward to take on the glorious road. Leaving behind sorrow and  broken hearts💔. You forgot to say goodbye, but I am not being spiteful or bitter. You were tired and needed rest. 

We weep no more because you gave us the strength and the courage to understand why you had to go. You never said it in words but your spirit kept the storm at ease. Rest my princess❤💓

Death shows respect to no one. When its your season, the only thing you can do is surrender.  Sometimes we ask God why he take the ones we love so soon , but we have to understand that everyone are made to live their purpose. Maybe that person lived their purpose already. Life is too short to keep dwelling in the past. Be happy and live life. 

My princess didn’t hold back on living hers, she certainly had a blast. 😘

I still imagined you and mama sitting at the side of John’s house. Lol

Keep fighting..🤜🏼

You have to leave people to fall in their own karma. Sometimes when people get the best of us we need to stop give them the power to make us miserable and unhappy . The biggest weakness and failure is giving someone the opportunity to defeat you. People shouldn’t loose their soul for revenge,  they should always stay humbled and believe that god needs them to remain strong  to fight  the  enemies. Sometimes  we are provoked and packed with evil intent , thinking that it  is the only way out , but we  should never  render evil for evil. 

The sweetest revenge is to pray , smile and be happy. The enemy hate when their plan to conquer fails, so they will attack again. The lord gives his strongest members ,the toughest battles because he knows  that you can never be defeated. 

Daily bread

  • Read your bible
  • Pray everyday 
  • Live right
  • Be humble
  • Stay focus
  • Keep smiling
  • Be happy

The Unknown…

Sitting in the field of peace and tranquility with mixed emotions tied between what’s real and what’s not. Deep pretence of avoiding her feelings of hearing his  voice  . Distance strive between a person you have never met but felt close to. Making the laughters and smile a evident of being settled with her energy.

He wanted to make passionate love to her and feel her love for a lifetime but she was hesitant, sacred of  being hurt. He wanted to show her his loyalty but she had barriers around her heart. She has been hurt too many times to be subjected to a man’s con. She was not easily tamed by his demands  that he presented to her . She was focused, ambitious and hardworking and he was attracted to her good qualities.  For someone who can feel the bond of an unknown for years ,but never came in contact can have a result of the best. 

Sometimes the ones that we give boundaries and set barriers for , are the ones who could be loyal. The ones we have a lifetime friendship with, are the ones that can turn out to be the best. People need to give themselves a chance to embrace love and allow themselves to release the subject of fear of being hurt.

My will to Forgive in a Mother’s Day segment….

At the age of 3 months old I was helpless, innocent and wanted the love of a mom, but instead I got the love of my grandparents, aunt and dad which was the best thing a little baby girl could asked for. They nurtured and cared for me, scold me into a independent and humble young woman. At the age of 6 , I remembered my grandfather takes me to the bus stop to catch the bus for school. Sometimes he carries me on his back when my feet were tired, when I reached home, I would get my homemade meal from my grandma. My Dad was barely around because he worked on the cruise ship , trying to make a living to support me. But my grandparents and aunt gave him reasons not to worry too much. I felt safe and loved!!

At the age of 13, the house phone rang. My Aunt picked the phone up and it was a woman voice claiming to be my mom. She was crying, but I couldn’t feel any pain. I never knew how to love this stranger, but I knew I missed the love of a mom. That feeling bothers me for all my toddler and teen years, just wanting to have a mother’s love. My grandparents, aunt and dad made that gap filled with love and compassion, that I was able to love people who love me in return. Their love made me overcome my sadness and fear.

At the age of 14, my mom came to visit, for the first time in my Life, I have seen the woman who carry me for 9months, but left me at the age of 3 months. But being a teenage, I was excited only because, I wanted for my friends to see that I had a mom. The feeling of abandoned still existed. After all the excitement of her presence, she sat me down and explained the reason why she left but that wasn’t enough,but I took it just like she said and enjoyed the moment. After she depart, we communicate for a few months , then we stopped.

At the age of 18, here goes this person pops up in my life, trying to explain what cause her disappearance, I listened and accept the apology ,because I felt it was an event that happened before, so it didn’t matter at this point. We started to communicate again, this time it was constant but awkward….

At the age of 28, I had a lot of anger in me towards this situation , but guess what I have learned to forgive. It took me sometime to let go from the bitterness, but the memories still exist. I was able to allow myself to love her, like I did for the people who loved me for 29years. Even though , she didn’t contribute much, I gave her apart of me she never had, my will to love her. Forgiveness heals all broken wound, it helps you to be free.

Look at us now age 29 ,we have the bond of a lifetime, but I never forget my sweet dear old grandma, papa, aunty dawn and my dad, I would never trade them for the world.

Thank you Grandma and Aunty dawn for caring and loving me for 29years, I led from your example of being independent, humble and hardworking.

Thank you mom for making amends and kept trying to make up for the times you missed out, it hasn’t been easy but we made it thus far. We cant undo the past, but we can make better moments in the present.

Happy Mother’s Day Ladies!!

My Grandma

My aunt

My mom

Never get comfortable.

Often times people get comfortable in places they don’t belong. They give people the power to intimidate their ability to execute the right from the wrong. Most times the surrounding you are associated with only depend on the needs of you. A bias person will never give you the respect that you deserved. People are threaten by your strength to grow for excellence, they put you down because, they never want you to finish the race of success.
The person with the biggest personality and highest potential that can make good contribution in any given environment ,scares people who don’t have a goal for themselves. A strong person should never give someone the power to discriminate their effort and hardship to pursue their high demands in life to achieve their goals. Never get comfortable in your surroundings, always put a plan in motion just in case you might need it.

Unhappy situations bring unhappy surroundings, never be the victim of failure or the victim of a weak person’s plot. Remove yourself from places you don’t belong, quit trying to fit in, it wont happen when you have bias or jealous people around you. Find yourself in places that accept you base on your hard work. Find yourself around people who gives you the credit you deserve. Despite the negativity you encounter, always aim for the top.

Do not seek for someone’s attention, who doesn’t seek for yours. 

Its sad but its the truth…

A few important  things that you could observed to know when someone is avoiding you. 

  • If you call someone once or twice and they didnt answered the phone, it could be , that the person is busy and will call you back once they become available. But if the person do not return your call ,thats because they dont want to talk to you.
  • If someone is active on social media and you send that person messages on their page , the person reads it, but didnt reply. It doesn’t need you microscope, to see that the person do not want to engage in a conversation with you. 
  • If you call someone to have a conversation on the phone about your day or whatever you feel to discuss and that person is not engaging,  but just kept listening ,thats an indication of letting you know that they dont want to talk to you right now.
  • If someone only calls you once a week  or only if they need favors from you , but you called that person everyday. Stop!!!!!! That is not a good sign. Obviously you are the last thing on that person”s mind, because if they had you in mind , they would have called.

If someone fails to acknowleged you , Stop!!!!! seeking for their attention.  The signs are always there. Observe ….    🤔